Many elements of Celtic spirituality pre-date Christianity, but at its heart is a deep love for God. Celtic spirituality seeks to experience the sacred in all things, celebrate the harmony of Creation, and guide the person to find his or her spiritual center in Christ. It is panentheistic, incarnational, and transcendental. Its ancient traditions stirs the hidden memories of the soul and the heart’s longing for peace, connectedness, and renewal. Its mystical nature leads us to the thin places where we can peer into other worlds and realize that we are always moving toward God.

We are living in a time of fear and uncertainty, economic turmoil, environmental destruction, political conflict, and religious polarization. It seems that we are in an apocalyptical age, not unlike many that our forebears experienced. But we look forward in hope. In Celtic Christianity we may find healing for ourselves, for our brothers and sisters who share life with us, and for all the earth.

This section will include articles and reflections on the Celtic soul. In addition, there are sermons that were preached at an annual Celtic worship service at the church I served. More will be added from time to time.

Articles, Reflections and Sermons

Walkers Between Worlds: The Celtic Mystic Tradition In A Post Modern Age- Article

Through a Dry and Weary Land - Celtic Sermon 2007
Seeing the In Between - Celtic Sermon 2005
The Fox and the Hen - Celtic Sermon 2004

Journey to the Edge - Celtic Sermon 2003