An empty chair by the side of the road,
                         among the weeds
                             and the debris of time...
                    The observer of the passing scene
                         is also carried in its flow.

-Harry L. Serio

Many of the messages (listed below) were pastoral letters to the congregations I served:
10/2001 Out of the Ashes
12/2001 Be Vigilant, Stay Awake
04/2002 Terrorism As a Weapon
09/2002 In Remembrance
10/2002 Unleashing the Dogs of War
01/2003 The Gate of the Year
06/2004 Cicadian Rhythm
01/2005 Bruised Reeds
03/2005 Act of Memory
04/2005 Beginning Again
05/2005 Becoming an Incarnational Church
06/2005 Necessary Interruptions
12/2005 The Need for Christmas
01/2006 The Judas Controversy
04/2006 Partners With God in Global Restoration
06/2006 Sabbath Time
10/2006 Amish Forgiveness
11/2006 Stranger at the Gate
01/2007 Anticipating Change
02/2007 On Dover Beach
04/2007 When the Stone Is Rolled Away
05/2007 And Then There Is Hope
06/2007 The United Church of Christ: A Rich Heritage
07/2007 The United Church of Christ: A Pioneer of the Faith
09/2007 The World Is Flat
10/2007 Wrestling With Evil
11/2007 The God Who Gives
12/2007 Returning to Bethlehem
01/2008 Traveling Light
02/2008 Truth Discernment